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As we advance on the path to globalization in geothermal energy, we do not stray from the principles that define us for a brighter future.

Yediyol was founded in 1998 with the vision of exploring the renewable energy potential of Türkiye. Under the leadership of Muhammet Şuheyp Mendi, this initiative, which ignited the spark of geothermal energy, set out by challenging the uncertainties and technical difficulties in the sector. Although our first steps were full of difficulties, these difficulties have been overcome through determination and innovative thinking.

Our journey, which began with the establishment of Yediyol, has been shaped by a determination to overcome the biggest challenges of the early days of the geothermal energy sector. At that period, the sector faced problems like accurately identifying the potential of geothermal resources, developing effective drilling techniques and managing high start-up costs.

To overcome early challenges, geological assessments were carried out by utilising existing geothermal data and old mining records. Thanks to technological developments and innovations over time, the efficiency and reliability of geothermal energy systems have been increased.

The innovative perspective we adopt and our commitment to our principles have made it possible for us to easily adjust to innovations in the sector. Thus, we were able to overcome the theoretical and technical obstacles we encountered in our early years in the industry. Our attitude towards expanding into new markets and developing multifaceted projects have been milestones that have consolidated the position of our company in the industry.

More efficient utilization of geothermal resources, innovation in renewable energy technologies and meeting the national energy demand in a sustainable manner are among the goals of Yediyol for the future. With these long-term strategies and sustainability commitments, we aim to play a pioneering role in the sector and strengthen the energy independence of Türkiye.