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Our Values

As we advance on the path to globalization in geothermal energy, we do not stray from the principles that define us for a brighter future.


As Yediyol, our vision is to transform our company into the leading company in Türkiye in the field of renewable and clean energy by utilising geothermal energy resources in the most efficient way. This vision is based on the principles that made Yediyol what it is and earned its name. With our innovative solutions and pioneering projects, we intend to leave our mark in the sector, not merely trace it.


Our mission is to develop sustainable technologies in the geothermal energy sector and to meet the needs of our society while protecting our nature. In line with this goal, we offer solutions that reduce environmental impact and increase economic efficiency. We are committed to leaving a cleaner future for the society with the unique advantages of geothermal energy.

Our Values

Our company values and principles consist of innovation, sustainability, environmentalism, honesty, egalitarianism, commitment and consistency. These values shape the way we do business and our decision-making processes and serve as a guide for all our employees and stakeholders. These core values are taken into consideration in every decision we take and the culture of our company is built on these principles.

Our Vision for the Future

Our future-oriented perspective is to integrate innovative and sustainable energy solutions in all areas and to occupy a pioneering position in this field. We constantly update our strategies and business models by anticipating developments in the energy sector. In this process, we attach utmost importance to transparent co-operation with all our stakeholders.

As Yediyol, we are committed to shaping our future on a sustainable and clean path in line with our vision and mission. The values and sustainable development goals of our company will guide us on this path and will serve as the basis of the factors that lead us to success.